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CURRICULUM What our students learn​

The national curriculum taught using an international approach.

We are a registered private school offering the Myanmar National Curriculum. This ensures your child will have a firm grasp of the Myanmar language and will have full access to any school or university in Myanmar.

The National Curriculum includes Maths, Myanmar, English, Science and Social Studies (Morals, History, Geography).
Our school motto is ‘Love to learn, learn to excel’. Thus we pay particular attention to ensure that all subjects are taught in a way that engages every student on multiple levels.

Our school places special focus on English language studies. Competency in English will have an increasingly important role in the future success of our students. So we supplement the standard curriculum with effective extra English programs.
Experts believe that the most valuable skill in the 21st century will be creativity and independent thinking. We encourage our students to be independent thinkers and will extend their creativity with co-curricular activities such as music, art, craft.

The link between a healthy body and a healthy mind is well established. So children will receive ample opportunity to participate in physical activities outside the classroom.

LEADERSHIP Who will lead your child​

Leaders who love education and children.

We understand that what makes a good school a great school is the teachers it employees.

We believe children need two key things from a teacher. They need a teacher who can skilfully and patiently guide them academically, helping them comprehend new topics and concepts. And second, they need a teacher who understands their temperament and particular learning style and is able to accommodate that in their day-to-day teaching.

This combination of academic skill and genuine personal relationship engages the student fully in the learning process and is guaranteed to bring the best out of every child.

Our teachers set high expectations for each student and use positive encouragement to see them meet those expectations.
We also understand that educating a child is a partnership between the teacher and the parent. So we encourage our teachers to communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress.

MVPS is committed to maintaining a good student to teacher ratio and will employ and develop teachers who understand and embrace this philosophy.

FACILITIES Where your child will learn

Our facilities are beautiful and functional.

Our campus provides a wonderful environment for children to learn. Each classroom is large, air-conditioned and with furniture suitable to the age of the child. The children also have access to musical instruments, sports equipment, multimedia, playgrounds, computers and library facilities.

CO-CURRICULAR What our students do​

There is more to quality education than classrooms, books and exams.

There is more to quality education than classrooms, books and exams. For students to develop a love for learning they need to see how what they are learning is useful in the world around them.

That is why we take every opportunity to use real world experiences to enhance their education. From visits to a local market where they need to use maths (how much should they pay) to keeping fish alive in their classroom where they use science (how do fish breathe underwater), each activity brings their classroom learning alive. This results in students who are keen learners and excited to explore the world around them.

We also provide children with opportunities to do music, sports, cooking, and craft. This is done with attention given to integrating the core subjects like Maths, English and Myanmar into those activities.

Students who love school are students most likely to excel at school. Our co-curricular program is an important part in this process.

ENROLMENT Where a love for learning starts

Investing in the your child's future.

Our fees are very competitive and offer great value. They are paid on a term basis with discounts offered for advanced payment and siblings of existing students. 

The fees cover the full school year including a one month summer program in March. All text books and stationery are included in the annual fee. Excursion costs are also included.

It is our desire to give every child the opportunity to study in our school and that includes those students with learning difficulties. Each student who enrols at MVPS will be assessed on a case by case basis to ensure that we can fully meet the child’s needs.
All students are required to wear the school uniform. See our pricing and uniform policy pages for full details. 

We also have a scholarship allocation for families facing financial difficulties. So please talk to us if you require assistance.