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Another 4 questions to help develop critical thinking skills

1. Go beyond “what?” — and ask “how?” and “why?

2. “How do you know this?”

3. “What do other people think?”

4. “How can we solve this problem?”

Application: “People are being drugged by simply touching the skin with a poison”

1. How or Why can this happen?

“The poison must get absorbed into the skin?” “And then get into the blood?” How much is needed to get into the blood? Does this sort of thing happen elsewhere?

2. How do I know this?

From friends, experts, Facebook, news reports? Is it reputable?

3. What do others say?

Medical practitioners? Google search?

4. How can we solve the problem?

Is there really a problem?



Application: “There is not enough food because there are too many people in the world”


1. How or Why?

Why do some countries not have enough food? Why do some countries have more than enough? How does food get produced? 

2. How do you know?

Did you hear it on Facebook? Did you work it out yourself? Did your parents tell you? Is it cultural? How reliable are the sources?

3.  What do other’s think?

What do experts day? What are the arguments that the opposing view cite?

4. How can we solve the problem?

Maybe there is no problem? Eliminate greed?

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