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Growth Mindset Feedback

Feedback that is based on growth mindset principles boosts children’s self-esteem and creates a lifelong love of the process of learning.  It is important to give your students positive feedback that demonstrates how their hard work and effort leads to a result so that they can understand they have the ability to grow their brains and make improvements. 

Below are some examples of growth mindset feedback. 

  1. Give praise: 

    1. Well done! You worked really hard to learn that new word!

    2. Good work! That was hard and you didn’t give up! 

    3. Wow, you worked really hard! What can you try next? 

    4. I could see how difficult that was for you, thank you.

    5. Wow! You just learned something new!

    6. You really concentrated, it is great to see how hard you try.

    7. I’m really inspired when I see you trying.

    8. You solved that problem by yourself, congratulations.

    9. It’s not ‘I don’t know’, it’s ‘Let’s give it a go!’. 

    10. Don’t get angry if it’s hard, get excited you’re learning! 

    11. It’s not ‘I can’t do it’, it’s ‘I can’t do it yet!’

    12. Learning takes time and effort, each day you learn a little more. 

    13. We can all learn from one another.

    14. All of us are better than one of us! 

    15. Your brain is like a pet – you have to train it every day to learn new things!

    16. You can learn anything you want to.

  2. Help overcome failure: 

    1. That’s okay! It’s not about to getting it all right away. It’s about growing your brain step by step.

    2. Making mistakes means you’re learning! What can you try next?

    3. Mistakes help you grow stronger and smarter.

    4. Well done – you tried to say that word. It wasn’t right, but you tried, and now you know how to do it.

    5. It’s ok not to know, but it’s not ok not to try.

    6. We all learn at different times, you’re doing it in your own time.

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