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Develop Critical Thinking skills with 4 questions

These points are taken from a TED talk.

  1. Go beyond “what?” and ask “how?” and “why?”
  2. How do you know this?
  3. How do you feel about this?
  4. How do we solve this?

Example: Plant growth

  1. How do plants get food?
    (They make their own food in leaves through photosynthesis)

    Why do plants die?
    (The air is  poor quality. Not enough light. Not enough water.)

  2. How do you know that plants make their own food?
    (The teacher told me. I have seen plants grow in water and in air. Own research on the internet. Talk to an expert)
  3. How do you feel about the pollution in the city?
    (It’s bad. It’s getting worse. I wear a mask)
  4. What can we do to reduce pollution?
    (Reduce cars. Ride in buses. Use more solar power. Grow more plants)
Example: Solar System – gravity
  1.  How does the moon stay in the sky?
  2. How do you know gravity exists?
    (Simple experiments)
  3. What would it feel like if there was no gravity?
    (Fun, light)
    What problems might arise if there is no gravity?
  4. What do astronauts do to solve those problems? 
    (Drinks in bottles, exercise, suction toilets)

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