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Creative classroom settings make a difference

Our teachers have spent many hours making their preschool and primary school classrooms look fantastic. Those classes are wonderfully colorful, interesting and creative.

It has reminded me of some of the incredibly creative office spaces now found in the largest tech companies in the world like Google and Apple.

Why do leading technology companies spend money on making office spaces like good schools have been making classrooms? There are multiple reasons.

First, employees enjoy working in beautiful spaces. And so do our students. Our motto is ‘Love to learn. Learnt to Excel’. Beautiful classrooms help our students enjoy the learning process more.

Second, it can reduce stress. Work can be stressful at times. Anything that eases that stress can benefit the companies. This is also true for schools. We want our students to be relaxed and ready to learn. Stress of any type is a great impediment to learning.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, it inspires creativity. For leading tech companies to continue to lead their sector, they need to maximise the creative output of their staff. Research has shown that creative and interesting surroundings can inspire greater creative output. An article from the Entrepreneur website describes it this way…

The reasoning is straightforward. “If you come into the office and everything looks uniform, gray, bland and boring, your thinking tends to be that way. If you come into a place that’s stimulating, your mind will become more creative,” he says.

This is very much what we want to inspire in our students. Creativity is a highly sought after quality in the 21st Century workplace. Beautiful classrooms help expand the minds of our students and foster their own creativity preparing them for a future that will demand creative thinking.



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