The development of every area of your child’s life is important to us.

Tactile Learning

Children become more engaged in learning and exploration when they have the opportunity to develop their sense of touch.

Excursions and Group Activities

Excursions and large group activities
help the child develop confidence and social skills.

Play, Explore, LEARN!

Play and exploration is the very best way
for a child to learn what they need to succeed in primary school.

Gross Motor Skills

Activities like dance help children
develop muscle strength, endurance, balance and coordination.

Fine motor skill development

Play with small toys like blocks is important for children to develop their fine motor skills.

That is why we provide a holistic program which will develop your child physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Our program is designed to stimulate your child through fun and exciting activities which in turn will create a love for learning. We do this by encouraging every child to learn through play.

Children will be allowed to learn and grow with loving and nurturing teachers in a safe and fun environment.

We also want children to be proficient in both Myanmar and English. Our bilingual curriculum will give your child a great start to their primary schooling.

Our Facilities

Our school is housed in modern buildings that have been recently constructed to international standards.

The classrooms provide plenty of natural light and are all equipped with air conditioners. The children can even enjoy cooking classes in our modern kitchen. Safety of the children is our highest priority. So doors are fitted with child proof locks that ensure children are always safe. For a city preschool, we have a large amount of play space of which most is undercover.

Our Resources

Our preschool has wonderful resources that engage children on multiple levels. They include classic wooden blocks, unusual and colourful plastic shapes, cars, trains, soft toys, educational games, TVs, slides, art equipment, imitation fruit and vegetables, real world items from supermarkets and much more. Every morning our teachers endeavour to provide the children with different experiences and encourage the children to use our resources in different ways.  Having so many great resources really stretches the children’s creativity and ensures they always want to come back to school.

Preschool News and Articles

Play – a child’s right

The United Nations Human Rights Commission released their ‘Convention on …

Whole School Photo – Feb 2019

Preschool Class C Photo – Nov 2017

Preschool School Photo – Nov 2017

Whole School Photo – Nov 2017

Preschool Staff Photo – Nov 2017

School Staff Photo – Nov 2017

Preschool Class Photo – May 2015

Preschool School Photo – Dec 2016

Preschool Class C Photo – 2016

Preschool Class A Photo – Dec 2016

Preschool Class B Photo – 2016

Preschool Class A Photo – Nov 2017

Preschool Class B Photo – Nov 2017

Preschool Class D Photo – Nov 2017

Preschool Class C Photo – 2019

Preschool Class Photo A – Feb 2019

Preschool Class Photo B – Feb 2019

Preschool Class D Photo – Feb 2019

Climbing is a great way to develop coordination

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Our Location

601 Sabae St (#3), Htawunbe Block, North Okkalapa, Yangon

Preschool Leadership Team

Senior Hein

Preschool Manager
Commenced: 2015

Kyaw Ye Kaung

Assistant Manager
Commenced: 2013

Sandar Tun

Centre Manager
Commenced: 2014

Mercury Class

Eden Thai

Class Teacher
Commenced: 2015

Kyi Pyar Shein

Assistant Teacher
Commenced: 2018

Venus Class

Mei Mei

Class Teacher
Commenced: 2015

Par Way

Assistant Teacher
Commenced: 2019

Nwe Ni Aung

Assistant Teacher
Commenced: 2019

Mars Class

Zin Mar Oo

Class Teacher
Commenced: 2012

Zu Zu

Assistant Teacher
Commenced: 2015

Jupiter Class

Char Mar Say

Class Teacher
Commenced: 2016

Sein Mar Oo

Assistant Teacher
Commenced: 2018

Uranus Class

Lwin Mar Oo

Class Teacher
Commenced: 2013

Easter Born

Assistant Teacher
Commenced: 2017

Other Teachers

Ngwe Zin Oo

Shadow Teacher
Commenced: 2019

Khaing Zaw

Commenced: 20168

Ancillary Staff

Ei Shwe Cin

Office Manager
Commenced: 2017


Office Assistant
Commenced: 2015

Tlung Awm

Accounts Assistant
Commenced: 2018

Sang Lian

Facilities Manager
Commenced: 2017

Mama Dauta

Facilities Assistant
Commenced: 2017

Aung Zaw Min

Ferry Service Manager
Commenced: 2016


Facilities Support
Commenced: 2018

Hay Man

Facilities Support
Commenced: 2019

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