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Myanmar Vision Education Centre has been providing quality education to the northern Yangon region since 2014.

Since that time over a 1000 children and adults have experienced learning in a new way and come to truly enjoy the learning experience.

MVP is among the best preschools in Yangon with excellent resources, great facilities and experienced and caring local and foreign staff.

Our school has a strong focus on English but is also careful to foster our students’ Myanmar language development as well.

We embrace the leading early childhood research that says that children learn best through play and exploration. That means our students LOVE attending our preschool where they naturally develop the broad skills they need for school.

Visit our MVP Website for more information.

Myanmar Vision Primary School provides a unique school experience in the Northern Yangon district.

Our teaching philosophy, facilities and ethos are aligned closely to what you would find in international schools with special attention given to English. Yet our fees remain very competitive.

Also, our school is registered with the Myanmar Education Department which means we fully cover the Myanmar curriculum ensuring your child acquires proficiency in the Myanmar language.

Visit our MVPS website for more information.

Our English language courses are run by great local and foreign teachers.  

We believe that learning should be fun.  So our classes are not only educational but interactive and highly engaging.

Visit out MVLC Website for more information.


AYDC has been operating for almost 20 years supporting disadvantaged children. Some have been orphaned, some have lost one parent and most come from impoverished homes.

Our mission is to develop young people into healthy, skilled adults.

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MVI is the overarching body for the other organisations listed on this page. It also conducts educational activities like the health and nutrition seminar pictured. MVEC assists these activities in a variety of ways.